• Membership is based on people having a ‘Common Bond’ such as living and/or working in a certain area.  NEWCU operates within a Common Bond area that encompasses all districts within the Warrington Borough Boundary.  In addition, if you have a business within the Borough of Warrington, your employees can also enjoy the benefits of NEWCU membership.

Reasons to join:

We are community based
We encourage regular saving
We do not carry out credit checks
We are owned by the membership
We ensure your savings work hard for you
We build financial stability rather than debt
We help say no to payday lenders / loan sharks
We offer both Standard Loans and Helping Hand loans
We give you the credit for taking the responsible route to borrowing
We try to declare an annual dividend on savings if we generate a surplus


Contact us today for a membership application.


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North East Warrington CU

Together we can build a stronger community